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What element of physiological psychology interests you the most?

What element of physiological psychology interests you the most? For this assignment, you will select a theory from an area of physiological psychology, such as cognition or sensory systems, and develop a research proposal for a new experiment. This study can either:

1) Broaden the application of the topic to a new area, such as analyzing the impact of sleep disorders on memory distortion.


2) Test a new hypothesis from the theory, which may serve to narrow or expand upon the theory.

Regardless of which option you choose, your research proposal must contain the following:

Abstract and introduction: discuss intent, context, rationale, and hypothesis of study
Review of relevant literature: summarize related peer-reviewed studies that inform your experiment and explain their significance
Method section: a thorough step-by-step plan for your study
Plan for analysis: the data you will collect and how you will analyze it
Expected results: explain your potential findings, including sample data in chart, table or graph form and analysis of the data
Broad implications: describe how your results affect existing theories and beliefs in physiological psychology and suggest further research
References list in APA format. Limit your review of relevant literature to papers that have been published in the last 20 years.