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‘What do we mean by ‘school readiness’ and how could this be measured?

The rationale for this study is to gain a greater understanding of the concept of school readiness. This idea arose from observations of reception aged children who presented difficulties with school transition. I am a Teaching Assistant currently working in a Reception setting. The purpose of this enquire is to explore the perceptions, beliefs and experiences of teachers within the Primary School sector. The purpose of this enquiry is to investigate teachers’ beliefs and practices concerning school readiness. As a member of a team, the practitioner try the best to provide a respectful, caring and supportive environment for the children and their families. We consider individual circumstances and their needs, in regard to their ecological microsystem (Bronfenbrenner, 1979). As well as the impact of their macrosystem, for example recent funding and benefit cuts and unemployment of their family members. The goal is to provide a good level of support for parents and carers during their transition from nursery or home environment into a reception class within a school setting. It has been noted that a high number of children are not ‘school ready’ according to new analysis by Teach First (Hobby, 2018).This research project is a semi structured interview with a little questionnaire within the interview as seen in my questions with the skills ranking. I undertake my research within my workplace from Reception and Year 1 teachers. The respondents had the chance to share their perceptions, beliefs and improvements in regard to school readiness.