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What can we do to help pollination?

You will write a short review paper on a selected topic related to pollinator conservation after extensive research on current literature on the topic.
The topic is: What can we do to help pollination? Provide what is currently in place by the government and it’s limitations. Also provide what the general population can do to help.

You must support your claims with peer-reviewed journal articles (at least 8) in addition to books or book chapters. Please follow the guidelines (Adapted from Conservation Biology Style Guide for Authors) indicated below for proper citations.

2) The review paper should consist of 1200-1400 words excluding literature citations and figure captions.

3) Specifications: 1.5 line space, 1 margins, font: 12 Times New Roman.

4) Please include 1-3 visuals (e.g. pictures, figures, tables) with proper captions and copyrights. !!!!