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Vulnerable Population-Illegal Substance abuse

This paper will focus on the population of Illegal substance abusers, please answer the following questions thoroughly in the essay. Also please use references that are no more than 5 years old, please include U.S government statistics example ( as one of the references. Please contact me for any questions, thank you.Definition and description of population, be specific.What are your personal belief and attitudes of this population’s social, political, cultural and environmental factors? How do see other people perceptions of this group.Most common causes of morbidity & mortality associated with the population to include prevalence and incidence. Be specific and provide data.Describe and analyze major factors contributing to the vulnerability of the population.What are the treatment options of each of the three levels of prevention (Primary, secondary and tertiary)?What are the interventions and possible interventions for the improvement of the population’s health (use EBP!).Describe the population’s access and barriers to care.List resources available to this population.Specify the (potential) nursing role in the care of the population.What legislation relates to this population?Must have at least 6 scholarly peer reviewed references.