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Vaccines and Pandemics and whether expedited development to contain disease spread is worth the potential risks.

Assignment: Write a five- or six-page, double-spaced research paper that demonstrates the ability to enter into and contribute to a scholarly conversation. Such a conversation is typically defined as an issue, problem, or topic around which scholars offer their perspectives in academic writing such as peer-reviewed journal articles and academic books. This paper will be similar to Paper 1 in that you will need to respond to a scholarly perspective on a subject with an argument of your own. It differs from the first, however, in length and the number of sources, as this one calls for two journal articles. Also, you will not need to summarize the sources in a full page, as you did on the first, but, of course, you will need to say something about them in the introduction and in the body paragraphs. Like the first paper, this one calls upon you to advance an argument, so it is important that you articulate and defend an arguable claim on your subject. To gain a better sense of what it means to enter a scholarly conversation, please look carefully at the following Thesis Templates document. Thesis Templates Click for more options Thesis Templates – Alternative Formats – Word Document (25.1 KB) It is also important to use the conventions you learned in previous writing courses. These include: (1) a rhetorically effective introduction in which you explore the issue and what scholars have said about it, stating your argument in a compelling way; (2) several well developed body paragraphs in which you defend the argument and respond to other scholars, quoting from the articles you choose and illustrating your ideas; and (3) an effective conclusion in which you explore the significance of your argument, perhaps anticipating objections and reinforcing your main points. If you don’t know what your major will be, or you are pursuing general studies, you may choose whichever subject interests you. Note: the articles you choose must be different from those used on the other two papers. This paper and its sources are completely independent of the other two papers. You cannot, therefore, recycle thesis statements or sources. Please choose a topic and two sources that you will not explore in the other papers. CITATION STYLE You must write your paper in the citation style preferred by the discipline in which you are majoring. Include an end-of-text works cited page in the same citation style. If you are using a rather obscure style (not MLA or APA) please let your instructor know which one you are using. SOURCES Academic writing is a conversation. In this second paper you must use two credible sources that support your argument or add to the conversation around your main point. Both sources must be peer reviewed journal articles, and both must be sources not listed on the library guide. Be sure to use the NU Librarys search database to find your articles.