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Urban Planning Reading Pattern Specification

Assignment 1. Pattern specification (individual)Invent a pattern, or adapt an existing one from A Pattern Language or elsewhere.Write up a pattern specification for this, including a researched rationale for thepattern.(i) This should provide a specification for a generic pattern (urban form element)(whether new or based on existing literature) while illustrating it with reference to atleast one specific existing site.(ii) The pattern must be at least at the building scale, but less than the scale of awhole town.(iii) The pattern should be assumed to be a positive exemplar, that could be part of a‘model’ town or city.(iv) The pattern should be capable of being applied to the Thamesmead site(assignment 2), even if you don’t refer to the Thamesmead in the patternspecification itself in assignment 1.(v) The pattern specification must follow the format of A Pattern Language,(APL pp x–xi, see p8 of this brief). Note this requires use of a diagram of the solution,and links ‘up’ and ‘down’; these links need not be to Alexander’s patterns but to anysuitable kind of urban form element. Note: a Pattern Template is supplied on Moodle.(vi) The pattern specification must have a convincing rationale (problem / evidence /solution, etc) based on relevant and up-to-date evidence. If it is based on a pattern/urban form element from existing literature, you mustuse new research, updated rationale and ensure it is compatible with (even ifnot inspired from) application to current UK context. If it is a new pattern/urban form element of your own devising, you mustprovide your own rationale and supporting research to support it.(vii) Each individual pattern specification should be no more than 1000 words.(viii) Please submit your individual pattern specification directly on Turnitin (A4portrait).Criteria for assessment Is it a coherent, credible element, providing a positive solution for a genericsituation? Are the arguments well researched and reasoned? This includes reference toat least one existing site and to relevant, up-to-date literature. (Note: this is acrucial part and an opportunity to show your individual academic ability. Youshould consider this counts for at least half of marks for this Part). Is it well presented and correctly formatted?Approaching the taskAn important part of the ethos of the module is that urban elements are not designedor planned in isolation, but must take account of other elements, both proposed andexisting. The module encourages groups to work together on ideas for theThamesmead proposal in an interactive way between group members from the start.You are encouraged to agree patterns and how they are expected to link together,in general, for assignment 2, before Reading Week. Individuals can in the meantimework on research for their pattern, and its more detailed expression for the purpose ofassignment 1. A pattern could be chosen that can already be found (interpreted) inthe existing Thamesmead area, that is then developed in more detail for assignment1 and then applied to the undeveloped parts of the site for assignment 2.