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understanding schizophrenia from the biological approach to personality psychology

-Two 5 page papers (not including title and reference pages); double spaced
For each paper, choose a different personality disorder (list to be provided) and discuss the disorder in terms of a personality approach (e.g., Psychoanalytic, Biological, Humanistic)
Paper #1 (Due March 4, 2020) – must use Psychoanalytic approach
Paper #2 (Due April 22, 2020) choose Biological, Humanistic, Behavioral/Social Learning approach or Cognitive Approach

Papers are worth 100 points each and should include:
Title page (4 points) – follow example given
e.g., font same as rest of paper (12 pt times new roman)
General description of the disorder (16 points) 1 page
Include information such definition, symptoms, demographics, how is it diagnosed. Do not include information about the approach, explanation or treatment.
General description of the personality approach (16 points) 1 page
Define key ideas involving the personality approach. Do not mention the disorder. For example if you are using the Psychoanalytical Approach, you need to discuss the unconscious as well as 2-3 other ideas (levels of awareness; personality characters id, ego, super ego; defense mechanisms; psychosexual stages e.g., oral). This information then needs to be used in your explanation (section 3).
How the approach explains the disorder (24 points) 1 page and half
Integrate the key points in the previous section in describing how the approach explains the disorder. Also, dont introduce new terms relating to the approach that werent already mentioned in the approach paragraph.
Possible treatments for the disorder (24 points) 1 page and half
Remember to explain not just what the treatment is, but how it works and how it improves the patients outcomes. Also, dont mention treatments that are irrelevant to the approach. Examples of Freudian treatment are hypnosis, dream analysis, free association
Reference page & references in body of paper (8 points)
follow APA guidelines for citations in paper as well as reference page
-Google APA Citation Style for examples
must use textbook and at least two additional sources
no dictionary or Wikipedia-type sources can use sources such as WebMD
cite references throughout paper not just at end of long paragraph
limit the number of direct quotes try to paraphrase (citing reference)
Overall organization & APA format (8 points)
follow guidelines given about parts of paper
discuss in order given in guidelines
no need for a bunch of extraneous information (e.g., detailed example of
an OCD sufferer)
-APA guidelines (e.g., 12 pt times new roman font; 1inch margins; double spaced)

Attach Grade sheet provided on BB at the end of your paper and get 2 bonus points!