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To what extent has President Trump kept his promises to America? Explain why he has, or has not succeeded.

To what extent has President Trump kept his promises to America? Identify his principal promises during the 2016 election campaign and evaluate his successes and failures in keeping them across his first two years in office. Explain why he has, or has not succeeded.

All students are required to write a paper on one of the topics listed ON THE SYLLABUS. The essay requires that you research and analyze a question of importance to contemporary American Politics. Your paper should be balanced, reviewing both sides of the question and considering the arguments and evidence raised by supporters of both sides. Evaluate the arguments and evidence; then, form you own conclusions and defend them with logical arguments and evidence.

Your research must be based on at least five primary sources (books and articles on the topics) not more than two of which may be internet postings (an article that you find on the internet is fine if it existed first on paper in a library), but only two blogs or other non-published sources. Wikipedia does NOT count as a primary source and should not be used. Your essay should summarize, synthesize and evaluate the research from the various sources and then form an independent answer of your own to the question you are asking based on your research and analysis.

The paper must be at least six (6) pages in length but not greater than eight (8) pages. It must be typed, double spaced, with 1 inch margins. Papers must be stapled in the upper left hand corner. Paper clips, binders, duo-tangs, folders or other covers/holders for the paper are not permitted.

Papers will be evaluated both on the quality of ideas, arguments, and evidence presented and on the quality of style, grammar, and organization of the paper. I highly recommend purchasing Strunk and Whites The Elements of Style. This book will help improve the quality of your papers, and it will also come in useful throughout your college career.

Papers must include proper citations for material taken from your sources including both direct quotations and information that you paraphrase. The citation should include the authors last name and publication date (i.e., Mishler, 1999). A list of all sources used in the paper should be included at the end of the paper giving the authors full name, date of publication, source title, publisher or internet URL.