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Thought piece of Epistemology The Science of Truth Determination and our Evolved Neuro-Epistemology

Write a thought piece of The Science of Truth Determination and our Evolved Neuro-Epistemology (as a proposed unification of the three major schools) -[Epistemology is the way truth is distinguished from opinion. The major schools of Epistemology: Pragmatism, Coherence Theory of Truth, and Correspondence Theory of Truth are merged into a single Neuro-Epistemology which utilizes a novel Knowledge Categorization which distinguishes Knowledge of Self, Species, and Universe from mere historical contingency] You need to answer the thought piece question in the paper: What is truth .. what is knowledge .. and is our perception of this influenced by the surroundings within which we develop? -As always, your thought piece should be.. your thoughts. Please summarize the material as needed but focus on your own ideas and questions when possible. Incorporate material from videos when appropriate. And so on. Be as creative as you like. Required reading: From The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins, preface and Chapter 2 Dogs, Cows, and Cabbages, pages 21 42. The most important concept in this chapter is that of Essentialism .. we, seemingly instinctively, mistake giving something a name for knowledge. Just knowing what something is called (especially considering that different people may call the same thing by a different name etc).. does not mean that you have KNOWLEDGE of that thing Video: Richard Feynman – The World from another point of view -Feyman again here (and we will go back to him again at the end of class when discussing the nature of cognition).. this time discussing the nature of what it means to really know something. -The key, as stated above, is that knowing the NAME of something is different from having genuine knowledge of that something