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Thinking about the Brain Rules

You are expected to have read/viewed all the materials
Below are some questions to help get you thinking about the Brain Rules:

Did you learn anything about how your brain works? If so, what did you learn? Do you think you will use any of these Brain Rules in your college career? Or later? Which ones stood out for you the most? Why do you think that is? Are you a multi-tasker? Are you good at it? Do you want to be a multi-tasker? Why or why not? Will any of the Brain Rules help you to multitask? As with the first journal, your task here is not to simply answer these questions in sequence. Just use them to help launch your thinking.

One requirement, though: When you first mention a Brain Rule, refer to it by number and name (e.g. Brain Rule #1: Survival), and acknowledge the source if you are quoting or paraphrasing. (Hint: when you see/hear something on the video that you think is useful, hit the pause button and scribble/type your thoughts, noting the Rule number at the end of your quote or paraphrase.)

There is a lot of room for exploration and interpretation here. The key element is to state what you think and back it up with evidence from the Brain Rules. Dont just say The Brain Rule about multitasking was really interesting. Tell us why it was interesting, what it means to you, how you might use this knowledge or communicate it to others. In short: demonstrate your ability to synthesize and analyze.