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theory and how motivation and employee satisfaction can lead to higher productivity and output.

theory and how motivation and employee satisfaction can lead to higher productivity and output.

You will write an APA research paper that is a MINIMUM of 1,200 words of text–this means that the cover page and references are not counted in the 1200. The topic must be approved by the second week of class in the Introduction to APA Paper Assignment. The paper should address specific theories from the text and should be written from the manager’s perspective.

This really means a minimum of 1200 words. This does not count the cover page nor the reference page. Wellwhat about quotes? If you get carried away using quotes, then you will have to exclude them from the word count. Why? You must be contributing something to the assignment!
Quality of content
What does quality mean? This is the most subjective part of the gradingsorry, but it cant be helped. First of all, the paper must be written from the perspective ofhow will/can a manager use this information to achieve better performance from his/her subordinates, or to do the job more efficiently and effectively? Is this paper written at the college level, or is it too simplistic? Do not use personal experiences–this is a research paper and as such you need to be able to cite whatever you are including.
Logic and coherence of paper
How do I know if my paper seems logical or coherent? This is slightly less subjectiveDoes the paper flow, or does it just jump from one topic to the next and then back again? When you are using sources try to integrate them rather than just going through them one at a time.If you write all about one article and then move on to the next you are really writing something more like executive summaries than a research paper; that is not your assignment.
Cover page
Do I really have to type a cover page? I mean like really? This is supposed to be a paperless class, so why bother? Hmmm. Maybe just because I asked you to? Oh no! That isnt the way to motivate you! Perhaps you should be so proud of your work that you want to present it in the most positive manner.
So what do I have to have on this cover page, and by the way, how much is it worth? There are two points for the cover page. There are many examples online and there really isnt one best way to do one. You must have your name on itthe title of your paperthe class designationand the due date. There is NO page number on the cover page.
Who am I introducing to whom? No no, not that kind of an introduction. Tell me what you are going to discuss in your paper and you could even add why.
Conclusion (does it fit the introduction?)
How does a conclusion fit anything? Good question. Think about your topicwhat did you set out to research? What did you end up researching? Now look at the two, do they align with one another? Well not reallyso now what do I do? You are in luck!!! In this class you can simply change the introduction and act like whatever you ended up with, was what you intended all the time. Now thats a freebie. In future classes, where a specific topic is assigned to you, you may not have the option to change the topic. OUCH! That hurts. So be careful and dont put yourself in the position of having to start all over.
Conclusion (is it really a conclusion drawn from the research?)
If you have really done your research, did you incorporate your findings in the conclusionor did you just reiterate what you stated in the introduction?
References (appropriate form?)
APA format only. A great site to use for information on how to write an APA paper is the Online Writing Lab (OWL)
(Links to an external site.)
References (appropriate number?)
You will need a minimum of five (5) references. What kind of publications can I use? How old can they be? For this class you can use popular press which means it does not have to be a strictly academic or refereed journal. Please DO NOT use booksthis means absolutely do not use a textbook, any textbookand most other books will tend to be so old they really are not of much help. If you have a referenceit MUST be cited in the body of the paper.
Citations (proper form?)
APA format only. A great site to use for information on how to write an APA paper is the Online Writing Lab (OWL)
(Links to an external site.)
Citations (used when referring to the ideas of others)
Do I have to cite something if I already know the information? Is it safe to assume that this is general knowledge possessed by the general population? If so, then you dont have to cite it. Be careful, it is generally safer to do the citations than not. If you have a citation in the body of the paper you MUST have the source on the reference page.
Dont make any errors. Enable spell checkbut remember it isnt always right. There/their, write/right, to/too, read and re-read your work.
Do it right. ThinkWhat does its mean? What does its mean? What does its mean?
Grammar/sentence structure
Enable grammar checkbut remember it makes errors too. A sentence needs a noun and a verb. Short, choppy sentences are usually avoidedbut if done correctly this style can add emphasis to a paper/topic. Stay in the third person–that means avoid the use of I, we, us, me and so on. Don’t move back and forth between the singular and plural form of nouns in the same sentence. “It is the managers duty to stimulate the trust of the team and get the most out of their employees.”
Paragraph structure
Please make paragraphs a reasonable length. How many sentences are there in a good paragraph? It is best to not rely on a formula when you are writing. There are different styles of writing depending on what you are trying to relay.