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Theoretical conceptual framework at organization level

Detail requirements:Part 1 (about 6 pages, with 10 reference) :- Read the case study- Develop some conceptualization to lead you to the development of a theoretical conceptual framework (Organizational Learning Theory)- Explain the theory in application to the case (following the attached TEMPLATE is a must) and provide recommendations.Part 2 (about 1 page, with 2 reference):Work on Appendix 1Discuss the particular components of the theory in relations to this casePart 3 (about 4 page, with 5 reference):Work on Appendix 2Although you created a clear graphic and the essay to show how the important concepts of the theory relate to each other, the other owners of the case require the information in narrative form (in formal APA format).For this narrative, you’re going to not only explain the graphic, but develop recommendations for alternative actions that could turn things around at the company in the case. Keep in mind that the move of production to Seoul is still an option.