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The Role of a Congressman

Thesis/Research Question: Is the role of a United States Congressperson to solely uphold the United States Constitution or uniquely represent the desires of their constituency; are they mutually exclusive?

You will write a 12-page paper that satisfies the description and rubric below. Each paper should be composed of an introduction, literature review, theoretical expectations, empirical design, and conclusion.
Literature reviews should provide an organized synthesis of existing research related to your question.
Next, you will develop your theoretical expectations (i.e. hypotheses) about what findings might result from empirical tests of your research question.
Then, you will explain how one might answer your question using qualitative or quantitative data. Simply explain what data you might need to answer this question (you dont need to actually collect the data).
Use the final section to tie your paper together by discussing how the answer to this question will move the scholarly discussion forward.