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The rising scope and impact of Dementia Disease on patient and family

Overview of Research Process

Definition of Nursing Research Steps of the Research Process
Problem Statement
Purpose of the Study
Research Question/Hypothesis
Review of Literature

Review Quantitative Research
Experimental design (Intervention Research Clinical Trials)
Quasi-Experimental Design
Descriptive Design
Correlational Design
Outcomes Research
Evaluation Research

Review Qualitative Research
Introduction to Qualitative Research Issues

Grounded Theory
Historical Research

Problem/Purpose/Research Question/Hypothesis congruence

Literature review methods no more than 5 years old classic articles; why there is no literature so using different literature as a jumping off place

Submit Section 2A Review of Literature
Week 3 Dropbox

Choosing a theory

Submit Section 2BTheoretical Framework –
Week 4 Dropbox

Submit Critique:
Quantitative Study
Week 4 Dropbox

Choosing a study design

Submit Rewrite of Sections 1 and 2 (A&B)
Week 5 Dropbox

Choosing a sampling design

May 15

Submit Section 3 A & B Research Design and Sampling Design
Week 6 Dropbox

Study Design and Instrumentation

Reliability and validity

Submit Section 3 C Informed Consent; InstrumentationWeek 7 Dropbox
Submit Critique:
Qualitative Study
Week 7 Dropbox

Data Analysis and Use of Statistical Software Overview and use of Minitabs
May 29

Submit Section 3D Projected Data Analysis
Week 8 Dropbox

Planning for dissemination of findings

Understanding the role of innovator and change agent; Using research as a basis for EBP; Professional Development

Submit final draft for feedback (optional)
Week 9 Dropbox