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The representation of intelligence in education as it relates to race and gender.

Im going to provide sources myself, please dont look for some until I post them shortly

paper must explore a specific topic discussed in class such as progress, national identity, colonization, slavery, or education.

paper must explore the intersection of at least two aspects of identityrace, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, age, and/or abilityin relation to topic.

o The first body paragraph must be a literature review of scholarship that establishes the concepts and historical context you will need to analyze your primary sources.
2nd paragraph- literature review
3rd- 8th paragraph- PEAR structure
meaning P-point, E- evidence (like a quote from
book, A- analysis, R- reminder
o The paper must analyze at least six sources:
o Your sources must represent at least two distinct disciplines (e.g., history, literary studies, film studies, biology, etc.).

Primary sources

The Black Panther (Marvel movie)

Secondary sources
Loewen Ch 1 Education
Loewen Chapter 5 Education

Madley, California Indians before 1846

Thomas, The Great American Skull Wars

Dillon, Imagining Indigenous Futurisms