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The relationship between law and power.

Discuss the relationship between law and power. Power is a contested concept at the heart of many socio-legal theories. Some theorists emphasize how power shapes the legal system in visible and less visible ways, whereas others seek to develop alternative approaches to law without power. The essay should focus on the in-depth analysis of the original texts from Weeks 5-8. Rather than focusing on one or two authors, use the majority of the Weeks 5-8 readings in an integrated manner and develop a clear argument of your own on law and power. The essay should have a title and a statement of your main thesis in the first paragraph. It is unnecessary to provide full citations for course readings or to include a bibliography, but please indicate the author(s) and year of publication in parenthesis (e.g., Durkheim 1933). If direct quotes are used, please indicate page numbers (e.g., Durkheim 1933, p. 31).