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The future of media/entertainment. What are the trends that will affect media (television, social media, movies, videogames) in the future? Predict how a young adult will use media in the future.

READ ABOUT IT: The Persuasive Essay Assignment
Your final assignment is to write a shorter (1,000-1,500-word) persuasive essay on the same topic as your research paper. This assignment is intended to help you think more about persuasion for a particular audience.

If you wrote an argument already, the challenge here will be to re-think your argument for a lay audience, that is, a non-academic audience.

If you wrote an exploratory paper, then you will need to think about what you might argue on your topic and who you might argue it to.

Do not choose an academic audience (scholars, professors, or researchers). Because your audience is not academic, you will not do formal citation. Instead, simply indicate the titles and authors whenever you reference a source. You do not need to use all of the sources from your research paper; choose that ones that seem to fit.

Your paper will include reasons in support of your argument, plus a counterargument (a response to what people who disagree with you would say).

Format: 12 pt., Times Roman, double spaced, with page numbers, a title, your name, the class, and the date.