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The Football club at UFV

Research Report
Worth: 25%
Now that youve done some research about your club, its time to do something useful with the research. Scenario For this assignment you have been asked to supply SUS with information about your club. They have asked for detailed club descriptions including a history of the topic, goals of the club, and the structure or organizational model. Theyve also asked you to explain why the club is important with the support of academic research. There may very well be some re-tread here with our first assignment and that is fine. Just remember that youve introduced your club to SUS already, now use your research to justify it.
Using a minimum of 5 sources (3 scholarly peer-reviewed) write a research report that details your club and justifies your club based on the research. Use the research to write a brief history of your topic, supported by sources. Use it to explain your organizational structure, supported by other successful examples. Use it to explain the importance of a club like yours to a school like ours and support with academic research.