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the coronavirus-related racism in our society in the current pandemic

The coronavirus-related racism in our society in the current pandemic. It has been widely reported that hate crime against Chinese Americans have been surging. They have ranged from verbal harassment to denial of services to physical assaults. Victims have also been spat on and coughed at, raising serious public health concerns. Clearly, Chinese Americans are facing unprecedent challenges due to the fact the virus has been labeled as the Chinese virus. Their experiences with racism have added a painful part to their journeys to their American Dreams.

However, when facing abuse, Chinese-American communities cross the country have united to aid hospitals in coronavirus battle. Many Chinese American physicians, who take more than 17% of American medical doctors, put their lives in the frontlines to save others lives every day. What they are doing reflects their contribution to American society as a meaningful component of their American Dreams.

Since this is a course about China and Chinese Americans, it makes a lot of sense for you to study this topic. Hopefully, your research on the problem will provide you with a good opportunity to develop in-depth understand about this special group: the history of their sufferings from discrimination, their resilience, and their contributions. Also it is important to point out the suppression of the truth about the virus by the Chinese government in order to distinguish the Chinese people from its totalitarian government (dictatorship).

This will be a research paper based on the related literature, news reports, and online information. Interview and field observation are not required