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The Cheating Culture

Write a thoughtful and clear paper on the article “A Cheating Crisis in America’s Schools” Answer five of the eight questions listed below. (The questions are also available here). Your paper must be double-spaced with a 12 point font, 1-inch margins, and a minimum of 2 pages in length. Do not include the entire question, just the question number.

1.Why do students engage in academic dishonesty? Are they aware they are being dishonest?

2.Defend or refute the statement: The prevailing attitude about getting into college is do what you have to; whatever it takes to get in is okay.

3.Defend or refute the statement made by the business student Everything is about the grade that you got in the class. Nobody looks at how you got it.

4.Mary, one of the students quoted, says A lot of people think its like youre not really [in college] to learn anything. Youre just there to learn the system. What are your thoughts about Marys statement?

5. Michael Josephson, a survey organizer quoted in the article says students learn cheating behavior from adults when he says They’re basically decent kids whose values are being totally corrupted by a world which is sanctioning stuff that even they know is wrong. But they can’t understand why everybody allows it. What are your thoughts about his statement?

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