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The Autobiography Of Malcom X as told to Alex Haley

After reading the book The Autobiography of Malcom X, write an essay describing Malcolm’s personal, spiritual, political, and ideological transformation throughout his life.

This assignment is worth up to 150 points

Remember my criteria for grading include the following:

Answering the question in a clear manner
Use of proper spelling and grammar
Submitting the assignment on time
Make appropriate comments, connections, references, etc.
Avoid plagiarism.
Cite your sources as follows: if you are quoting or paraphrasing information in the body of your paper, put a parenthesis followed by the page number at the end of the sentence. The only valid sources for this essay are the assigned book and your textbook.
12 point Times New Roman font with standard margins
At least 4 pages in length (1,250 words minimum)