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Texas Policies

it would be easier if i can could send ya’ll the pdf guideline file b/c it’s kind of a lot. So we’re discussing environmental policies and air pollution control in Texas, talk about the problem, what current policies Texas has dealing with these problems and we’re presenting our own policy that will perhaps better it. here are some direct quotes from the guidelines that will hopefully make things easier for you.

“Summarize the central issues of the policy topic you will be addressing
Describe the current status of the policy or topic as it relates to the differing roles and/or positions of the federal and state governments.
Describe why this policy is important to Texas and the United States. Cite each of your academic journal articles (not supplemental sources) at least once in the paragraph using correct MLA in-text citations”

“An introduction and brief overview of the policy topic. What are the major issues facing each level of government? What are the reasons for initiating changes to the policy? What are the options to be considered (discuss several)?What are the pros and cons of each potential reform (costs v. benefits)?Which is the best option moving forward (pick one)?A summary and conclusion.”