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Technology as a Subversive Force: The Case of Canadas Innu People

Rudi Volti states that (w)hile technological development has been the primary source of economic advance, it has not been cost-free (p.21). That is, technology delivers benefits, but it also exacts costs. It does things, but it also un-does things. In effect, technology is a double-edged sword. For Assignment #1 you are required to demonstrate an understanding of the notion that technology is a subversive force (see Volti pp. 22-26). To do this, you are asked to incorporate Voltis argument into a discussion of the impact of technological development on isolated Inuit communities in Canadas North. Your source of information regarding the Inuit experience is the following online article: Samson, C., J. Wilson, J. Mazower. 1999. Canadas Tibet: The Killing of the Innu. Your essay must be 4-5 pages of discussion (not including your title page and References page), use 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spacing, and 1 margins. You must provide a title page and a References page. Your submission must be in Word format. Before you jump on your horse and ride off in 360 different directions (from noted Canadian humourist Stephen Leacock), take whatever time is necessary to understand exactly what Assignment #1 is asking you to do. Following are a few hints which might make understanding the requirements of this assignment a little easier and quicker: The key Volti concept for which you are being asked to demonstrate a strong understanding is the notion that “technology is a subversive force”. What does this mean? What does Volti say about this idea? What examples does he use to represent this idea? Can you think of other examples of technology’s power to subvert (or disrupt) according to your own experience or knowledge? The Samson article on the Innu of Labrador was not written as a means of exemplifying the ways that technology is subversive. It was written to chronicle the many ways that colonization has destroyed the traditional culture of the Innu while undermining their health, well-being, and dignity. But your task is to apply the concept of ‘technology as subversive’ to the information provided by Samson. That is, how have Western technologies impacted on the Innu both in the distant past and the more recent present? Has technology been a subversive force in the lives of the Innu? What evidence can you gather from Samson’s article to support your position? I have attached few pdf and that should only be referred for this essay. Do NOT use any sources for this assignment other than Volti and Samson. End