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Teacher interview

Assignment 6.2: Teacher Interview Presentation
Prepare a 2-5 minute presentation about your teacher interview. Your presentation should highlight what you learned from the interview. Your presentation SHOULD NOT be a “read aloud” of the answers you received. Do not restate word-for-word what your cooperating teacher said, use your own words during the presentation.
Create a visual to support your presentation. The presentation can be a poster, a book, or any other creative presentation that you would like.
Practice giving your presentation several times.
Record yourself or have someone record you while you present your presentation. You can create an iMovie if you are an Apple user or just a simple video with your webcam from your computer. A few things to consider:
Please do not submit a shaky video. It should be easy to view.
Please edit the video to ensure it begins and ends professionally. I should not see you walking to get into position or walking away to end the video.
Lastly, if you are more comfortable with PowerPoint, you may submit a PowerPoint with voiceover. If you choose to submit a PowerPoint with voiceover, you must ensure the PowerPoint can run by itself from beginning to end with sound. Each slide must move automatically from beginning to end.
All presentations must be 2-5 minutes in length.