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Synthesize and then demonstrate what you have learned from Adam Hammes book, Sustainable Business in Iowa.

This paper of 5 to 7 pages is an opportunity for you to synthesize and then demonstrate what you have learned from Adam Hammes book, Sustainable Business in Iowa. This paper will focus on the 5 stage sustainability journey. In this paper you describe the work that needs to be done within his or her company or field to increase participation in sustainable causes. A focus on how to build consensus among competing interests, will be required. You are tasked with identifying a real life company related to social responsibility, it could be from your organization or another publicly traded company. This is an important assignment as business organizations large and small, domestically and internationally, address issues of sustainability and social responsibility. To be sure, twenty-first century business practices will demand nothing less from companies seeking to add to their triple bottom line (people, planet, profit). The analysis must be submitted APA style citations are required. Sustainability Company: Select a prominent company that is of interest to you. Present the topic you have selected with specific details on your selection. Be sure to provide the rationale that was utilized in selecting your topic. Its best if you can study previous business leaders and companies to see how they have effectively built CSR efforts and coalitions. Among the companies possible leaders you might want to analyze include: Patagonia, GE, DuPont, Stonyfield Yogurt, Nationwide Insurance, Chipotle, Whole Foods, John Deere or any other leader that you think you can locate sufficient information about to meet your source requirements. (10 points) CSR Stage Analysis: Describe the current CSR situation within your organization of choice. Identify which stage in the five stage development journey the company is at. Be sure to include the rationale and supporting details for your evaluation of which stage the company currently resides in. If salient, include examples of how other business leaders have built up sustainability efforts within their companies. Review the practical exercises and case studies included in the book. Specifically, be sure to review chapters 2 and 3 and the discussion questions on page 48 and 73 to help with your organizational analysis. (40 points) CSR Stage Proposal and Implementation: Focus this section of your paper on how you could instill a culture of sustainability in your company. The strategy you analyze should include a focus on environmental considerations, sustainable business practices, ethical decision making on the part of the leadership who will implement your plan and should also be in compliance with all government regulations that affect the industry. Create a proposal to help your company achieve the next level on the developmental journey. What specific programs and actions can they take to advance their CSR agenda and move to the next level? List some specific actions you will need to engage with to gain support. List some obstacles you will fact during your coalition building to advance your company forward. Be sure to review chapter 3 and the questions listed on page 73 to help with the implementation of your assessment. (40 points) Conclusion: What are some of the key take aways from your research? How will you get people to support improving your companies CSR programs? How will define the success of your CSR programs? How will you define engagement in terms of your project of topic? (10 points)