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Supply chain management

Case study screenshots will be provided in an attached files. Examine on the following case study: Chapter 3 case study: Seven Eleven Japan.Co 1a). With a convenience store like 7-11, what type of supply chain strategy would be the best for them and why? (efficient or responsive) 1b). Based on your answer above, pick a couple logistical drivers and functional drivers to explain what roles they play in making 7-11 a successful model in your opinion 2). Examining 7-11 stores in Japan and the Unites States, how are they able to get their product to the end user? Do you think one single model would work for both countries? Why or why not? 3). What has 7 11 done to develop its capabilities that support its supply chain strategy in Japan? 4). 7-11 has had some success in some Scandinavian countries, do you think this type of model could work in a country like Austria given the constraints that are in place i.e opening hours?