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Summary/ Analysis of 2 political science articles

For this assignment, you will be required to seek out two (2) academic journal articles that are
relevant to course material and write an approximately 4-5 page summary/analysis for each (about
8-10 pages total).

Find 2 articles out of the American Journal of Political Science that relates to Public Opinion then summarize/analyze the two articles in a Research Article Summary Paper. (8 pages) Four pages on one article Four pages on the other article.

Also the two articles being selected need to be published between 2009 and 2019, relate in some way to Public Opinion, engage in some sort of hypothesis (testing relationships between variables)

When you are completing your final version, I URGE you to closely follow my example and to write in a CLEAR and CONCISE manner. Do not attempt to summarize every paragraph in the research article. Rather, focus on the main argument, the relationship between the main independent/dependent variables, and the main findings.

Overall, the goal is for someone to be able to read YOUR summary/analysis and be able to figure out what the article is about. Imagine that your boss asked you to summarize these articles, and then think if they would be happy with what you submitted…

The two articles are listed below and in the files:

The Influence of Foreign Voices on U.S. Public Opinion by Danny Hayes American University, Matt Guardino Syracuse University

How Public Opinion Constrains the U.S. Supreme Court by Christopher J. Casillas Cornell University, Peter K. Enns Cornell University, Patrick C. Wohlfarth Washington University in St. Louis