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Student Academic Dishonesty

You are teaching an introductory course, Nursing Fundamentals, as a first semester course. You are proctoring students who are taking their first exam and have noted that two students in the third row seem to be sharing answers on their exams. As you continue to proctor the exam, the students are not aware that you are directly looking at them. Once the class has finished their exams and all have submitted their answer sheets and exams, you noted the two students are giggling. Students have been assigned two different versions of the same exam [items 1-50 for version A and items 50-1 for version B] but are not aware of this. They had all of the same questions, but just in a different order on the exam. All exams are timed at 1 hour and taken independently. Academic dishonesty results in a zero with further action taken by the Associate Dean of Nursing and also with the Vice-President of Education for follow up and disciplinary action.Nursing Testing Rules:1. No cell phone usage during the exam2. All belongings, books, etc. are placed in the outside perimeter of the room3. No food, beverages, or items on the top of the desk while exam is in program4. Students have signed an academic honesty statement during orientation to the nursing program5. Must show picture ID and sign into with the proctor (you)6. All answers are recorded on the scantron answer sheet7. If here are any blanks on the answer sheet or more than answer, those test items will be marked as wrong8. If there is any discrepancy between answers placed on the exam and what is recorded on the scantron answer sheet, only the scantron will be used to determine the gradeClassroom Management for Suspected Academic DishonestyYou are tasked with classroom management strategies with these two students who are suspected of cheating on their first exam. You have asked to meet with them separately to discuss your suspicions to see whether or not academic dishonesty can be confirmed. The students are not fully taking accountability for their action and one student [A] is projecting blame towards you as the instructor. The other student [B] took on a passive role and was remorseful, crying and asked for assistance with studying and to deal with personal reasons at home. The following are comments made by the students A and B when you talk with them.For each student response below, provide:[1] your answer to each of their statements/questions as to what you would say during your meeting with each of them separately[2] then, summarize for student A and B as to what specific actions you would take [minimum of 3 actions]Student A:1. Student A: Are you singling us out because we are Hispanics, it’s how you look at me that makes me uncomfortable?2. Student A: I don’t understand why we didn’t get the same grade3. Student A: This is our first exam so we deserve a break as we didn’t understand ‘your’ rules, they are too strict.4. Student A: Does this mean I get a zero on the exam?5. Student A: I have to pass this class or I lose my financial aid, please give me another test to take to prove I know the material.6. Student A: If the course syllabus had been clearer, this wouldn’t have happened. Maybe you should consider rewriting the section about exams so students can understand testing instructions7. Student A: I won’t talk any more to you until I bring my father who is a lawyer, you can deal with him since you are accusing me of being dishonest.8. Student A: Will I be expelled from the nursing program?Student B:9. Student B: We always sit next to each to show our support, is that a problem?10. Student B: I thought this exam was a collaborative assignment, when did that change?11. Student B: If we have the same answers that is just because we study together, you can’t count that against us, can you?12. Student B: You make me nervous; can I have a different proctor? I really am a good person, please.13. I really didn’t mean to cheat; I’m just so stressed out with things at home. I will try harder if you just give me a second chance.14. Student B: Can I at least get partial credit on the exams for the questions I answered by myself?15. Student B: Does this mean I’m on probation for academic dishonesty, I really thought we could work together on assignments in the cl