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Strategic Planning Resource Packet: Policy, Reform, and Global Perspectives


Imagine that you are a manager for a consulting company that assists U.S. health care organizations in streamlining processes, driving business outcomes, and restructuring their organizations to better prepare for the uncertain future in U.S. health care. Your director has asked you to develop a strategic planning resource packet that your firm will use to assist clients in meeting the new demands of the rapidly changing health care environment. Your strategic planning resource packet needs to focus on current and future impacts of public policy and reform on U.S. health care, and on the potential application of lessons gained from other nations’ health care systems.


Develop a 68 page resource packet addressing the following:

Explain the value of comparing international systems of health care delivery.
Describe approaches taken to effectively manage the health care systems of several OECD countries other than the United States, and how they could be applied to U.S. systems.
Discuss current reforms within the U.S. health care system, their key drivers, and the overall impacts they may have on health care organizations and managers.
Discuss the pros and cons of government-run, market-driven, and hybrid approaches to the U.S. health care system.
From both economic and policy perspectives, recommend steps health care managers can take to prepare for the uncertain future of health care in the United States.
Use economic terms and principles to explain key considerations that health care organizations must keep in mind when conducting strategic planning.
Be sure to organize your resource packet logically, and use headings and sub-headings as appropriate.

Additional Requirements

Written communication: Should be clear, concise, well organized, and free of errors that detract from the overall message, as expected of a professional management resource.
Length: 68 double-spaced pages, excluding cover and reference pages.
APA formatting: Citations and references should be formatted according to current APA style. Refer to APA Style Central for guidance in using proper APA style. See the APA Style and Format section of the Writing Center for instructions on accessing and using APA Style Central.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.