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State of NCAA Academic Progress Rate (APR)

1. Please read the materials below. Also, use the materials you have been provided this semester. All materials can be used to support your final essay.
NCAA Graduation Rate Articles:
NCAA Graduation Rates: A Quarter-Century of Tracking Academic Success
(Links to an external site.)
New NCAA Diploma Dashboards Offer Major Insight
(Links to an external site.)
2018 NCAA Graduate Rate Trends
College Athletes Graduate at Record High Rates
(Links to an external site.)
May 2019 APR Public Release
Drake Group Article:
The Drake Group Charges the NCAA With Spreading Fake News About Athlete Graduation Rates
(Links to an external site.)
Academic Revenue Distribution:
Academic Based Revenue Distribution
(Links to an external site.)
DI to distribute revenue based on academics
(Links to an external site.)
Academic Unit Distribution Q&A
College Athletics and the Law (Understand How to Comply with the NCAAs Academic-Based Revenue Distribution Program by John Shukie, Forward Progress Athletics Consulting)

2. Please submit your final essay. Assignment #9 serves as your final assignment for the semester and is worth 200 points. Please provide in essay format and not in a question and answer format. Your essay should be organized, thorough and demonstrate your growth in the topics of NCAA Academic Reform, APP and APR.
Within your essay, EACH of the following Topics of emphasis MUST be addressed:
A. Overall summary of the NCAA Graduation Rates Articles provided above. (You do not have to do an individual summary of each article.)
B. A reflection on the May 2019 APR Public Release.
C. A reflection on The Drake Group article in this assignment.
D. Four of the articles detail the newest action regarding NCAA Academic Reform, which is the Academic Revenue Distribution that will begin this summer. Discuss how this new action will impact NCAA Academic Reform.