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Sports Organizational Management- A woman? Really?

Learning ObjectivesKnow the concepts of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination and how implicit bias affects individuals’ selection and work experiences in sport organizations.Identify areas in current sport practices where change is needed and best practices that management can use to help deal with that change. Apply session content to a sport organization case study.InstructionsThis case study will be used to explore aspects of the hiring process and organizational culture: Picariello, M., & Angelle, P. (2016). A woman? Really? Issues of diversity in hiring decisions.Preview the document Case Studies in Sport Management, 5 (1), 48-52.How could Socrates get his administrative team on board before he approached Nolan?How could Socrates be proactive in stopping problems with the players before they started?How could Socrates win over the fan base?How could Socrates get everyone to see Nolan as a coach rather than a woman coach?