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Spanish Composition

Your first assignment is to write a description of your family members. First of all, start by introducing yourself, Then members of your family, Include references to those things we have been practicing in class: Physical appearance; personal traits; country/state/city of origin and /or residence; age; hobbies; recreational interests; and so on. You need only to write between 15 to 20 sentences to include all of the above. The important thing is to convey these bits of information correctly. Remember: each of these requires a particular structure, verb, word or expression. If you translate from English directly into Spanish, you will make a lot of mistakes.

Review the structures and forms you must use. Use your textbook and your dictionary if you need one. There is vocabulary at the end of each chapter. Once you have written the composition, Type it, double-spaced preferable on a computer. Proofread carefully! Remember that you will be evaluated on the structures that we have learned, not something we have not gone over in class. Do try to use the most appropriate vocabulary; on the other hand, it is not to your advantage to look up words that you probably can not use correctly at this point. Use what you know. You will only know a lot.

For Accents Use These Keys
alt + 130= alt + 160= alt+161= alt+ 162= alt+163= alt+164=