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Annotated Bibliography This is a very procedural assignment. Follow the formatting and outline in this prompt to complete your own annotated bibliography. Strive for clarity, conciseness, and formatting. Use the Annotated Bibliography file (in Files) for exact formatting. You will need to have as many sources as you think necessary to clearly cover your topic in these annotations. I would suggest at least 4-5, but no more than 8. Possible Title for Paper Introduction. Use this space to write a short, 3-5 sentence introduction. Begin with the topic you chose. State how you perceive your topic. How is your topic situated, as you have developed it in your previous essays. Below is an example of one annotation. They are examples from my own work, and are in APA format. You may also use MLA format, but do not switch between formats. Besnier, N. (1990). Language and Affect. Annual Review of Anthropology, 19, 419451. Besnier in “Language and Affect” (1990) sets out an academic history of affect personal state, in term of cognitive, social, or emotive state, and how language is produced in that space. Besnier makes an important move dictating several points worthy of attention: “First that meaning must be seen as unidirectional mapping from a predefined reality onto arbitrary linguistic forms. Second, cognition and emotion must be assumed to be dichotomous. Third, where such a distinction is strictly adhered to, meaning is also attributed to the language producer, thus affective meaning is seen as the decoding of the speaker’s emotions, which the interlocutor decodes in verbal messages by giving precedence to intentionality” (p. 420). Besnier dissects how affect can influence linguistic choices and dimensions, such as influence on lexical choices aka connotation. Besnier concludes by pushing the (now familiar) position that affect is at work at all levels of communication, being embedded at the social-personal (identity) level, the interpersonal, and even the economic levels. This work by Besnier is well known, and situates my work strongly within a scholarly conversation. “Language and Affect” informs my position by helping me to construct a historically relevant scholarly progression. Synthesis of your sources: After your source annotations are completed, write a short, descriptive 1-2 paragraphs in which you combine those sources. Be explicit and clear about how each source is related to others, how they inform your problem and your solutions. Think about the intertextuality between your sources, and your own work.