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SOCIAL MEDIA ( Instagram) AND SELF ESTEEM EFFECTS ON INDIVIDUAL SELF IMAGE BETWEEN THE AGE 18-25 Extra Credit Assignment-Matrix Points: Up to 5 points The extra credit assignment instructions are as follows: Create a matrix/grid to organize your sources for the research proposal (see examples in the folder below). There is a word document template you can use or you can create your own grid based on your variables/concepts. Again, See examples in the attachments. You must include at least 4 peer reviewed articles, but more if you think it would be helpful for you later. You must include at least 4 concepts or main ideas in your matrix You must include full citations at the end of the assignment and include page numbers for any direct quotes or ideas you find in your articles (this will help you later when you are composing your literature review). These exercises were developed by Virginia Commonwealth University ( NOTE: When you click on the assignment, it says “0 points possible.” Don’t worry about it.This is set up for blackboard to calculate this assignment as “extra credit” and add the points to your score instead of deducting points for a missed assignment.