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Social Media and How it Affects International Business

Use footnotes for citations. Double space, 12, Times Roman and include a cover page. I already picked 5 sources and the sources are 1.Social Media Utilization in business-to- business relationships of technology industry firms by Jari J. Jussila. 2. Business Performance and social media: Love and hate by Jordi Paniagua, Juan Sapena 3. Social Media Use and Potential in Business-to- Business Companies Innovation by Hannu Karkkainen, Jari Jussila and Jaani Vaisanen 4. The History of Social Media and its Impact on Business by Simeon Edosomwan 5. How Large U.S Companies Can Use Twitter and Other Social Media to Gain Business Value by Mary J. Culnan. Use these sources for the paper. Can you write a draft before writing the final paper.