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Should substance abuse be treated as a medical or a legal problem?

There will be one opinion paper due in this class which will be worth a total of 70 points. Choose a relevant topic on drug use or abuse, research the scientific evidence and the perspectives of others, and provide your own position on the issue.

Grading will be based, in part, on how well you articulate and defend your opinion. Researching these issues is essential as it will help formulate your opinions and provide the necessary data to support your views. Read at least two credible sources besides the textbook (use peer-reviewed journal articles, and/or professional books, NOT WEBSITES OR WIKIPEDIA) to support your arguments. It is okay to also reference the textbook sometimes, but I want you to do your own research by gathering outside, peer-reviewed sources. If you are not familiar with using peer-reviewed sources, contact the library for help.

The paper should be at least 4 pages (not including cover page and references) double-spaced. APA format should be used to cite within the text, and references should be provided using the same format. **Please use your own words to write your paper — do not cut and paste quotes from your sources. Use of APA format, spelling/grammar, length, and content will be used for evaluation.