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Should Health Insurance Pay for Weight Reduction Surgery for the Morbidly Obese?

The final paper is worth 350 points and will be submitted and evaluated in three stages: ), Final Paper Outline, Final Paper Draft, and Final Paper Submission.

After the submission of the Final Paper Outline and the Final Paper Draft, you will receive feedback with recommendations for improving the content if identified.

The final paper is required to be a total paper between 12 and 15 pages. A minimum body of 10 pages (not including references or title page), and must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, and double spaced. The final paper needs a minimum of 8 references and should fully address the chosen question.

The final paper must be formatted according to APA 6 style guidelines. A good resource for information about APA 6 is available from the Purdue Online Writing Lab (or Purdue Owl, found at (Links to an external site.) Please also see the APA information found in the Start Here module of this course.