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Security Liability Ethics

Individual Project: There will be a semester long research project. Each student will choose a contemporary ethical issue in IT and research the issue and the ethical considerations in depth. Students will prepare a paper and give a professional in-class presentation that explores the ethical issue. Techniques presented in class for evaluating ethical issues should be used as well as ethical theories the student researches. Appropriate audio-visual techniques are to be used. Each student will submit the topic and a short (one or two paragraphs) topic statement paper of their chosen issue no later than February 6. There needs to be enough information given to explain why you believe this is a good topic for an ethics discussion. Failure to have your topic approved as scheduled will result in a grade reduction for the project.

Paper: Students will prepare a paper detailing their research findings. The paper should be approximately 10 pages. Note papers that do not have proper citations within the text to indicate the source of ideas will be considered to be plagiarized.

*** Topic Statement
Topic Statement:
The topic I am selecting for my semester long research project Security Liability. This is a very prominent contemporary ethical issue that we are currently dealing with in the world of Information Technology. It is an issue even I myself, have been victim too, just not on a large scale, for example the security breach of Playstation in 2011, in which Playstation reimbursed their customers with a free game or a subscription to their online service. This is one example in which I can say the company acknowledged liability for even allowing a breach of information. As an employee of Whole Foods, I also experienced another security breach in which Whole Foods took no action that reflected their acceptance of liability. This was interesting to observe, as I felt more protected as a consumer rather than an employee. This is a prevalent topic that should be discussed, and there should be a methodology in place for response by business in the event of a security breach, deciding whether they are liable or not, and if they should reimburse their consumers.

Two Reference links that could apply;
Developments in Data Security Breach Liability by David L. Silverman (2014)

The Role of Corporate Reputation and Crisis Response Strategies in Data Breach Management by Li Wang, Jing Wang and Kholekile L. Gwebu (2018)