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The essay should be around ~550 words. You will write this essay based on the knowledge of your chosen concept and what you learned from the sources you used from your annotated bibliography. All of that information will be located in the attached document. While you may use sentences from your attached document in this essay, it should not be a copy and paste of your summaries. This essay is its should be based on what you learned about the concept from your research as well as your own experience with the concept. You will not use quotations, paraphrases, or summaries in this essay. The purposes of this essay is to strengthen your own understanding of the topic. To practice synthesizing and implementing the information learned from your sources. To inform your reader about the topic. 1.You start the essay with an anecdote that shows what schizophrenia is. This essay will lead me to provide a definition of Schizophrenia in my own words (my thesis) and why this topic is so important for people to understand. 2.I want to discuss the severity of the problem. Ill look for examples, facts, and statistics as evidence of its widespread occurrence. 3.Psychological effects with people who schizophrenia 4. For the Conclusion you should reflect on the history of schizophrenia and why it needs more awareness.