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Russia and Lebanon

Summarize the historical development of Russia and Lebanon
Identify and discuss the following about the political structure of the country
Regime type
Nature of the vertical distribution of power in the system
Identify and discuss whether the country is unitary, federalist, or a confederation and how the sub-national units are organized
How the executive is selected and who the current executive is
This would entail discussing whether the country has a parliamentary, presidential, or semipresidential system
Discuss the powers, roles, functions of the executive
Include both the chief executive and the executive branch as a whole (bureaucracy) to the extent the textbook addresses it
Discuss the nature of the legislative body
Does the country have a unicameral or bicameral legislature
Include any material on the powers and functions/responsibilities of the legislature
Discuss the nature of the judicial branch
Discuss the party system
Identify and discuss the following about the political economy of the state
Relationship of the state to the economy
Key measures of economic growth and prosperity
Economic inequality
Type/nature of the economy
Government provision of benefits (welfare)
Provide a brief comparative study comparing and contrasting the two countries politically and economically