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Resilience Presentation

During challenging times, it can be helpful for us to remember that human beings have the capacity for remarkable demonstrations of resilience despite the traumas they have endured. In place of the final group presentations, we would like you to complete a short individual presentation on resilience. It is our hope that through this assignment you will spend some time thinking about the concept of resilience, its definition(s), and the many people and communities that have been faced with trauma and have emerged in tact (and perhaps even developed in positive ways) as a result of what they have experienced.

ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW: Review the various definitions of resilience that have been discussed in class and in assigned readings. Choose a definition that you feel best summarizes your conceptualization of resilience. Spend some time researching people who have faced trauma throughout history. Choose one person who you feel exemplifies an individual who has experienced trauma and who you would define as resilient. Create a presentation summarizing your conceptualization of resilience and discussing the individual you chose. If you do not have ability to do a video presentation, you can write up the assignment completely. Whatever you choose- please include the following information outlined in the assignment details.


In the paper, please include the following information:

Begin your paper by stating who you have chosen as an example of resilience.

In our class on resilience on April 15th, we will discuss the many definitions of resilience. State the definition or definitions of resilience that your example meets.

Discuss the trauma or traumas this person has experienced.

Please state the approximate age at which the trauma occurred, where and when they occurred, and how the trauma or traumas changed their life.

Discuss the personality characteristics, behaviors, or life course of this individual that contribute to your understanding of this person as an example of resilience.

Discuss 3 factors in this individuals life that you think helped them to be resilient.

Include evidence of their resilience – such as a quote from something they have written or said in public regarding their lifes experience, a picture of something they have created related to their trauma such as a piece of music or art, a picture of the time they lived in or something else that visually relates to what they went through… be creative!