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Researched Argument essay about the negative affects of social media in politics

The assignment: Your assignment is to write an argument that takes a position on the issue you have studied all semester and use your research to support your position. Your thesis should be clear, specific and focused. You will want to argue a point that is supportable but also is not something that everyone already agrees with. You will use your research not only to support your view but also to examine the counterarguments brought by other stakeholders. Ideally, your argument will be sophisticated, in that it does not just engage two sides in black and white, but instead sees multiple points of view (or counterarguments), while firmly supporting your own viewpoint.

Rhetorical Considerations: The purpose of your essay is to argue for a specific positionone on which reasonable people can disagree. You can assume that your audience will have some knowledge of your issue but will not be experts; this means that you will need to provide some background information to give context, but you will not need to define easily-understood terms. You should also assume that your audience is skeptical, but not necessarily hostile, to your positionyou will need to attempt to convince them and also address possible counterarguments. Your message should be appropriate for an academic argumentformal in style and tone.

This is the general path an ideas you should follow below — feel free to make things better or add more ideas.

Social Media has impacted political discourse in many negative ways, like the spread of fake news and also politicians use the platform deface other candidates. This has a created a mockery of politics and will soon be the ruin of politics.


Social media allows anyone to post which leads to the spread of fake news. This fake news may be seen as real and influence those who may not know any better. If the trend is continued it could lead to riots and people taking a stand for things they know nothing of

Social media becomes a popularity contest for the politicians and they begin to lose focus on the principles of the election. This then influences people to make decisions based off nothing more then an image. For example, a man was asked what does he like about trump that hes done good. The man stuttered and said i dont know he likes what sees on twitter. Since the social media age has just really started this past decade its no telling how the world will be within the next decade if these are the deciding factors of government officials

Social media also creates geographical spaces where certain people you follow in one area may believe a certain way and influence you to follow the pack without good reasoning. This might create geographical segregation in the future and never allow us to come together as one to make rational decisions regarding politics. Many might not form their own minds because of the pack mindset These three points are just few of many.