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Research Methods for Strategic Managers

Evidence for this unit should be generated through a written report, demonstrating a sound understanding of research methods and protocol. The report should show evidence of secondary research through a critical review of the relevant key literature relating to the selected research question. It should also show primary research through the selection of a new research question, and then by selecting the appropriate research methodology for this question and evaluating and justifying its use. Crucially, research needs to be focused on meeting its objectives and the outcomes need to be credible. The research question needs to be well-thought-out, appropriate, unique and researched and planned thoroughly. Learners will need to demonstrate the ability to work independently and provide evidence of an individual approach in their finished work. Learners will require close supervision and organized tutor support in order to design a research question/hypothesis which is realistic, achievable and economically viable within the scope of the unit. Tutor approval should be sought before learners begin the research.

You are required to select a feasible organisation for which sufficient information, data and access is available. Further, suppose yourself employed in the Research Department of the company where you are asked to submit a report in board meeting comprising following tasks on any of the critical issues being faced in the organization an d are critical to the organisational performance:

Task 1:
1.1 Formulate a research question
1.2 Analyze and explain the factors that contribute towards the selection of research question.
1.3 Undertake a critical review of key references and justify their choice of research question
1.4 Produce a research project specification and provide an appropriate plan and procedures.

Task 2:
2.1 Develop a literature review
2.2 Develop a research background for the organization on the basis of the literature review
2.3 Develop a research hypothesis

Task 3:
3.1 Evaluate techniques for use with quantitative data in a research proposal
3.2 Evaluate techniques for use with qualitative data in a research proposal
3.3 Interpret and analyze the result

Task 4:
4.1 Evaluate appropriate research methodologies in terms of the research question
4.2 Choose an appropriate methodology in terms of the research question
4.3 Justify the methodology selected in terms of the research question

Task 5:
5.1 Record findings on a research question, literature review and methodology in an agreed format
5.2 Summarize the findings using suitable methods
5.3 Present the findings using suitable methods
5.4 Critically analyze the findings