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Reflective essay on Leading and Managing in Global context

The module aims to provide a critical overview of the current state of leadership and management in a global context and invites participants to explore alternative ways of leading and managing and engaging with people in the workplace. Learning Outcomes On successfully completing the module, students will be able to
1. Critically explore the meaning of leadership in a global environment
2. Evaluate the benefits and challenges of cultural differences in leadership
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the areas in which leadership style has to be adapted to diverse or international communities
4. Integrate historic, research and personal knowledge into a holistic understanding of leadership Critically evaluate the relevance of personal integrity, ethical behaviour and wisdom in leadership

An academic essay of three thousand (3.000) words excluding appendices and following the guidelines of academic writing and referencing (Westminster Harvard).
Submission on-line and via Turnitin
1. The Reflective Essay should follow the below criteria Criterion Weighting Evidence of knowledge of Leadership Theory and Practice 30%.
2. The originality of thinking and use of personal experiences and ideas in developing a leadership framework 30%
3. Use of a case, context or organisation to apply leadership theory and the proposed leadership approach 30% Presentation.
4. Writing and Structure 10%