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Reflection paper of Human Resource Management

Assignment Description
Assignment length: The paper should be 1250 (5 pages long, double-spaced), using a 12 point Times Roman font.
Assignment Content: The topics covered in the second half of the course are:
1. Orientation and Training Employees for High Performance
2. Establishing a Strategic Compensation System
3. Employee Benefits and Services
4. Occupational Health & Safety
5. Labour Relations
6. Global Issues in Human Resources Management

Reflecting on a workplace that you have experience with, explain how THREE (3) of the 6 topics listed have been demonstrated or not demonstrated there. The paper should include the following 6 Sections:
1) A brief summary description of the organization and their business and an introduction of the three topics you will discuss.
2) At least one page for each of the three areas which you are reflecting on (ie. Engagement, etc.) relative to your previous job
3) A conclusion summarizing how considering these topics helps us to better understand the positives or negatives of that work environment.

Assignment Sources: As a reflection paper, this work does not need to draw from sources outside of the course readings and lectures and as such does not require citations other than for the class readings from which any of these ideas originated.