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Reaction Time

For this assignment, you will participate in an online experiment on reaction time located within the psychology learning tools”. Once you have completed the experiment you will need to analyze data (I will give you data) and write a lab report (7- 10 pages) in APA style consisting of the following sections:

Title Page
Introduction (must include 8 references relevant to background information)
Just like the mini lab report, you will participate in the online experiment so you know what the experiment is like. You will be given the data to analyze. This exercise is meant to test your reaction time to color. It consists of 20 slides with red and blue slides. When you see a red slide you press the spacebar, when a blue slides appear you do nothing and let the screen go to the next slide. At the end you will be given your average reaction time.

Here is the data file: Data

Here is the Review Board Form: RBF

You will write the report as if you were the researcher conducting the experiment. You have some options in your research question for this project. The data you are given includes the gender and age of the participants as well as three columns of results data (from 3 tasks). If you have a particular interest and want to modify the data, you have that choice. We will talk about this in week 4.

Careful attention must be paid to APA style as it represents a significant portion of your grade for the paper and is an intended learning outcome for the course. At the end of the term you will submit your completed paper to your assignment folder.

Here is the grading rubric for the paper: Rubric

Your research idea is based on the participants age and gender, and their average reaction time to color. You would include 25 male participants between the age of 18-24 and 25 female participants in the same age category. Your hypothesis would favor females in having a faster average reaction time as opposed to males. An ANOVA would be able to tell you the effect of age on reaction time, the effect of gender on reaction time, and the interaction of the two variables together on reaction time.