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Re submit Communication Section of Own Organisation Audit

Good evening writer #61942.You helped me with my Own Organisation Audit back in Sept/Oct 2019. Unfortunately I failed the Communications Section of same Audit (please see Communications Audit Feedback document uploaded).I will need you to redo this section for me as follows:1. There are two Parts (Please refer to page 12 Own Organisation Guidelines document uploaded)2. Part 1 (approx 800 words) should describe the current communication channels used e.g. internal meetings, training days, notice boards etc.Pick 4 communication methods and access them for Clarity, Brevity and Impact and score them accordingly i.e 5 = excellent and 1 = poor (see communication section good example uploaded). They have to be Consistent, Relevent, Accurate and Timely.3. Part 2 (approx 800 words) of communication section should deliver the top 3 recommendations.- Who are the stakeholders- What are the main conclusions/recommendations- How to communicate internally, to whom, when, where. Is it vertical or horizontal communication or both4. Use references from Kotter, Johnson and Cialdini5. Insert the new Communications Section into my Own Organisation Audit which is uploaded and amend Bibliography/References accordingly.6. Current Communication Topics I have at present are:- Managing the technology change strategy with the Marketing Department- Coordinating and Communicating with all staff post merger across 4 branches- Motivating and Promoting staff to accept the changes that are taking place as a result of the merger.7. Please review Organisational Communications Day 1 & 2 uploaded.8. Please take extra care with this because I have failed this section and I have to resubmit, I am in danger of not receiving a 2:1 result. Thanks.