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Racism and the criminal justice system

TOPIC: Racism and the criminal justice systemStudents may pick any topic that deals with any social issue from the course materials or lectures. Students are required to write a sociological paper that is analytical and critical. Itis imperative to note that the writing of a sociological paper requires the primary use of scholarly sociological sources, such as sociological scholarly journals, sociological books, and sociological edited collections. The paper MUST include a minimum of FIVE sociological scholarly sources (books, scholarly journal articles) NOT including the course text book and relevant course materials.Students should also note that the research paper is a SOCIOLOGICAL paper that requires SOCIOLOGICAL analysis. Scholarly sources are required to be limited to sociological sources. SScholarly sociological sources that are ACCEPTABLE are the following:Race and ethnicity journals and booksFeminist and Women’s Studies journals and books Sociology journals and booksCommunications journals and booksCriminology journals and booksSociology of Education journals and booksSociology of the Family journals and booksSociology of Work and Occupations journals and booksSociology of Health and IllnessPolitical science journals and booksPolitical economy journals and booksHistory journals and booksbe sure that your sources are SOCIOLOGICAL and NOT psychological, medical or derived from popular mainstream media. Papers that are written from a psychological, medical or mainstream popular media perspective will automatically be assigned a failing grade.