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Queen Bees and Wannabees Review

Your full paper must be at least 3 to 5 pages, and include the same headings as the outline, plus a reference section. While the outline just contained the basic ideas, the full paper will be written with much more detail. Please check for appropriate use of APA formatting, in-text citations, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Papers must be written in APA format. You do NOT need a title page or Abstract. Papers should follow these guidelines: double-spaced, Times New Roman with 12-point font, one-inch margins throughout, APA-formatted reference list (reference list does not count toward length requirement) and in-text citations. Make sure you are citing your sources properly. Direct quotes need quotation marks and in-text citations. Paraphrased ideas do not need quotation marks, but DO need in-text citations. All paper submissions must be turned in through Turnitin by the due date and time. No late papers will be accepted.

1. Summary (approx. 1 page)

Give a mini book report of the main ideas, themes, and topics discussed in your book. You must use APA in-text citations when mentioning ideas from the book (Author, year).

2. Sources of information (approx. half page)

This section needs to describe where the author of your book is getting his or her ideas and information from. What is the text based on (research vs. practice vs. opinion)? If it is solely based on his or her opinion, you should state that. If it is based on research, you should be able to find a reference list in your book, as well as direct references to other sources that your author is using when writing. Explain where the author gets his or her information from, and then explain if these sources are credible. Why or why not? Again, use APA in-text citations when mentioning other peoples writing or ideas.

3. Connections (approx. 1 and a half pages)

Choose 3 concepts from class. These could be theories, empirical articles we have read, videos from experts, or information from the OER. You will need to describe each concept so that the reader would have a basic understanding of that concept. Then, you will need to give an example from your chosen book of a connection to each concept. Explain how the 2 things relate, and why this connection is important for Adolescent Development. Again, use APA in-text citations when mentioning other peoples writing or ideas.

4. Critique (approx. 1 page).

Give your opinion of the book. Would you recommend this book to parents of adolescents? Is this book correct in its ideas about adolescent development? What are specific things you liked or did not like about it, and why? What are some specific strengths and weaknesses of this book?