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Quality Improvement

Paper Criteria
1. Introduction (2 3 paragraphs)
a. Provide background information on the topic
b. Identify the problem
2. Interprofessional Team (2 3 paragraphs)
a. Identify appropriate interprofessional team members
b. Discuss the role of each individual on team and contribution to QI initiative
3. Intended Improvement (1 1.5 pages)
a. Identify at least one evidence based intervention that will be implemented
b. Thoroughly discuss evidence that demonstrates intervention is effective at improving
patient/process outcome
c. Support with appropriate research/QI literature
d. Discuss how intervention improves quality/safety
4. IHI Model for Improvement (2 pages)
a. Discuss the steps of the IHI Model for Improvement and specifically how it will be used
to guide the QI initiative developed
5. Tools (include as appendices as appropriate)
a. Identify and use at least 2 appropriate tools to diagram the QI initiative
b. Tools can be used in other areas of the paper, for example, if using a fishbone diagram, it
can be used to identify the problem
c. Tool and appendix is properly formatted
d. Do not directly copy and paste a tool from another source
6. Implement and sustain change (1 page)
a. Discuss implementation strategies using the QI model
b. Discuss how QI initiative will be sustained
7. Summary
a. Discuss summary of QI project